Thursday, March 12, 2015


So I went to this place few days ago and as I was sitting there the lady who owned the place was playing some old songs one by one... After a while I started to put my attention towards the lyrics and I noticed something - every other song had moon in it. Either it was used as a prop or described for the nature but mostly it was used for comparison with the female's face in order to prove that they are beautiful. .
Ye chand sa roshan chehra (your face is full of light as moon) Chand si mehbooba ho meri(I wish someone as pretty as moon for me)
Mera Chand mujhe aya hai nazar ( i have seen my moon in you )
mere samne wali khidki me ek chand ka tukra rehta hai ( the girl who lives next door is a soul of moon)
chand se mukhra kyu sharmaya ( why a moon face is so shy?) 0.0
Choudavi ka chand ho, ya afatab ho. ( are you a full moon or a spark )

Etc etc And I started to wonder- is moon really a compliment? ? What exactly is moon? A sattalite which doesn't have its own light but it absorbs sun's, its full of holes which are visible from the earth, its not consistent it changes each day and dissappear after every few days..... Then tell me oo so sincere writers When you are saying the love of ur life is like moon what exactly are you saying? Are you saying that she is a parasite sucking the light of your life? Or you're saying that she is full of imperfections and issues? Or you're saying that as moon is such a regular thing now that being there is no big deal that your girl is like any other person? Or are you are saying that as the moon changes its persona each day your girl has infinite number of faces and you can't figure out how is she in reality?? So here's my question again IS MOON REALLY A COMPLIMENT? ??