Wednesday, April 22, 2015

what is it???

sometimes i wonder...
what is love? is it the same as they describe in the books or display in movies?
does it is  as pure, as compassionate, as innocent as they say it is?
does it really changes people?
does it actually doesn't care about who you are or how you look or is your heart pure and good?
or is it that painful as they say?
does it actually churn your heart and stops its beating and  does it really crush your heart and kills you inside?
what exactly is it??

Monday, April 20, 2015

If I could........

I am a demanding type of girl
I want everything from the world

if I could stay with someone
I want to stay with you

if I could hold something
I want to hold your hand forever

if I could look over something
I want to look at you forever & ever...

if I have to  just walk into oblivion
I want to walk with you

if I Have to stand
I want stand by your side...

if I have to just stay still
I would want to be still on your shoulder

if I have to imagine
I will imagine to be with you right now

if I have to dream
I will dream a future with you

if I could any anything in the world
I will have you and only you
as you are
and you mean to me the whole world

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Micro Moments : 7

notice the kid behind the pole?
let me start with - do you notice the little kid behind the pole? YES ? now who is he?
He is the son of the person who sell tobacco & snacks at the roadside at my bus stop of my office. and I watch him almost everyday some days when mom is not around he even deals with the customers. :) he has a brother too who always keeps fighting and playing at the same time, and do you notice the small tap at the left corner? thats the portable water selling stand. the guy who own this is a friendly guy how i know? he always plays with the kids and never stops the lill one from his cute mischiefs.
so here can you guess what this small yet curious guy doing??
and to my surprise they actually listen and the leader heard the kid very patiently and acc to his wish told his workers to fix the spot.
this whole incidence was so cute and refreshing that I couldn't help but click a pic of the kid before he eloped..