Tuesday, July 22, 2014

which one.....?

So today I want to talk about death:
What is death? If a person dies is he dead? Is Elbert, MJ, Teresa dead?
I can’t tell if a person is remembered for centuries then he is dead…
There are plenty of people who die and no one care in my opinion they are the one really dead…
And what about mourning? Each one have their one type :- some cry their lungs off, some drink to sink their sorrows, some call the shots and toast to their past encounters and incidences and laugh it off….
Which one  is the correct one?

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


From many days i was thinking about writing n had many issues or thought which i wanted to write about my childhood memories, about love,life struggle etc etc.....
Like when i was a kid and if i fell viz from stairs i use to cry n when my mom asks "chot kaise lag gyi " i would show them by falling agin down the stairs n say " aise lag gyi mumma".
When we played hide n seek my father took me inhis arms n hide me in the cooler and my freinds they bit their nails off to find me. :)
Aaah what wud i give to get those days back.........