Sunday, November 20, 2011

an old creation about my high school class

its a poem frm my past wen i was in 12 i wrote for my classmates nw i wanna gift dem back........
hello! I am ESHA
studyn in class 12 
my class is full of students
n my frns are my wealth
dey r vry nice 
i cnt measure der price

a girl who is pretty 
do u knw?her name is kriti           (bechara devrshi....)
she is full of innocence
never talks nonsence

a frn who is fails all d stardum
a smart guy whose name is shubham   (bare miya wid chote miyan)
he had a competitive mind
but also makes u laugh if u dnt mind

bucchi dies for criket
& also knwssome of my secrets 
& a boy whom I like much
I cant say abt his nature
he has such
he is my brother did u see
his sweet name is SKC    (shishir )

there is an aaj tak         (darshika)
who is current reporter
she told us evrythn
even d time of sun's departure

vinay is so idiot
laughs in evry period
never keeps his promises
& have a long list of wishes

a boy wid cute smile
pankaj is vry genious     (MCS)
do mischives evrytime
but in class vry seroius

in my class there are so many crushes    {anubhav-abhilasha,vinay(n many more)-neha,shashank-priyanka,shubham;devarshi-kriti  etc etc}
but no one is filmy as it shows in rushes
sumwhre  is attraction
sumwhre attachment
sum do interaction
where sum settlement

many differences in feelings
sumwhre dashin 
sumwhre sizzling
sum1 thnks its too hard 
sum1 says it can be done purely by heart

anyways let it be
after sumtime the chnge will be drastic
now i cn just say dat

dat was past n nw d nick names of students which wer given to me by others n others by me

me- jumbojet,rajdhani , laraku viman,chashmish
afzal-bhaijaan,laal kila
shubham-chote miyan
shafkat-bare miyan
darshika-aaj tak
jai kishan-jaiky
abhishek-big babool
prashant-disco dancer

in last sry if anyone's hurt
poem is 5 years old n truely was for fun

i finally found someone

I finally found someone 
That knocks me off my feet 
I finally found the one 
That makes me feel complete 
It started over coffe 
We strated out as friends 
It's funny how from simple things 
The best things begin 

This time is different 
And it's all because of you 
It's better than it's ever been 
'Cause we can talk it though 
My favouite line was 
"Can I call you sometime" 
It's all you had to say 
To take my breath away 

This is it, oh I finally found someone 
Someone to share my life 
I finally found the one 
To be with every night 
'Cause whatever I do 
It's just got to be you 
My life has just begun 
I finally found someone 

Did I keep you waiting? I didn't mind 
I apologise, baby that's fine 
I would wait forever just to know you were mine 

You know I love your hair 
Are you sure it looks right? 
I love what you wear 
Isn't it too tight? 
You're exceptional 
I can't wait for the rest of my life 

This is it, oh I finally found someone 
Someone to share my life 
I finally found the one 
To be with every night 
'Cause whatever I do 
It's just got to be you 
My life has just begun 
I finally found someone 
And whatever I do 
It's just got to be you 
My life has just begun 
I finally found someone 

Dreams which arises from core of heart
Dreams which follows till death from start
Dreams are free from any kind of boundaries
The only thing which can move through countries
Doesn’t need sleep to see
Not necessary you are what you look to be
It’s a key to success
Only thn which cnt be in excess
Failure wonnt run until it is
The thing which makes ur mind n peace
Seems as bright as top of the hill
Require hard work to be fulfilled
Don’t feel poor if unable to do so
Coz d real poor is d one
Who is unable to see a dream

Who is a GIRL ???
♥ A GIRL is the most beautiful part of Gods creation...
♥ She starts compromising at a very tender age...
♥ She sacrifices her chocolates for her brother...
♥ Later she sacrifices her love for just a smile on her parents face...
♥ She sacrifices her Comfort and desires for her In-Laws...
♥ She sacrifices her full youth for her husband and children without complain...
♥ And finally her life ends up only by compromising for others happiness...
♥ She is that creature of God who no one can compete...
♥ Respect every girl/lady in your life. You will never know what she has sacrificed for you...♥♥♥

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

gratitude note....

U know d there r sum things that u cant share with anyone even your boyfriend/ girlfriend .actually there r diff thing which u can share with diff people as sum wid parents sum wid ur partner n sum wid ur friends. but d best thn is all u cn share wid ur freind ders nothn u hv to hide frm a frnd. Best thn abt hvn a freind is dat u r exactly an open book whose any page can be opened at any time and u dnt afraid dat he is goin to read it…… Nw a days I really miss dos friends coz earlier I use to hv such types of freinds but as we r growing up we r losing our selfless nature I can’t blame others coz m also changing. People say that only parents can build up d kids character n personality, but I think each n every little thing of life teach us something which is sometime a lesson for lifetime. When I look back I don’t remember everyone but who I remember and what I remember I would like to share & say thanks to them as what I am, I am coz of them all of them…… Well except my parents I cnt thank them here or anywhere I dont have that much words….. I remember Ritu my first best friend with you I learned every little thing to play to have fun to share I remember going to school & coming back with u…. I remember Nikhil,sanjeev,Deepak,anil,anita,ankita & rajat all of u were d best of my first school. We use to hv a blast wid each other all d time anita I remember wen I came to ur home we played my first videogame…. Ankita I still miss ur mom’s food n ur nice n cute smie…… rajat I remember wen we ( me ritu n u) use to chat endlessly. I remember wen at d time of returning home we jump in jaanu’s home n pluck guava n run all together…….. Manu I remember in ncs wen at anyone’s bday we gv gifts n make a promise dat till we dnt cm eachother home no one will open der gift n no one keep der promise… Wen we eat each others Tiffin mainly it was me eating urs…..  Wen shalini miss try to separate our seats so dat we cnt tlk n wen we presented in front of jones mam as we wer tlkin through d chits…….. LOL Anil I remember wen I really forced n requested u to bring those glass balls (kanche) n den u brought me 500 of dem…I still hv them ….. Nikhil & sanjeev I remember all d mischief we had together……bottle fight, bench beating…. Then I changed my school Here Pooja gupta u wer d one who helped me to go through all dis. Smriti u wer d one who wrote me my first letter…  Abhiruchi I remember hw use to abuse guys n hate dem till unlimted extent dat u always scold me 4 tlkin wid guys.. wen I cm home ur mom cooks yumm food n d railways crossin n dat stupid kid jisne apni cycle bhira di thi tumde n bechara kitta sunaya tha tune ven I learnd sum ne gaalis frm u :P.u always tk cr wt m doin…thnks for dat Saumya oh my moti wat shd I say to u? u hv a golden hrt u r so sweet n u wer always der n I remember the days we lived together d masti n fun we had,dat aal night long chats we had, those wrong numbers we teased,u oilin my hair n scold me for not tkin cre of it…..wen we went to buy pot,wen we use to dance in d rain.. evrythn I miss a lot Shakshi u wer my frn since mount carmel den u cm in our school n I tried dat u shd cm in my sec n I req sir to put u in my sec…. Afzal bhaijaan always teasing my by jumbojet n radhani exprsess.. I use to get irritated a lot but den thnks to barkha di I started to tk it as fun n u all wer frn of me I remember wen u all scolded our gyandeep guard wen he said sumthn to me… wen u use to switch off d fan wen mansi put it on n vice versa  thnks for being der for me Noorine wat shd I say to ? u wer like a key to my old life u wer d one coz of whome I get all des frns for life so thnks for dat Pankaj mr mcs I remember u wer d one who said gals wearin skivi wer der to do d cat walk, mastermind n notorious always busy wid sanil to plan sumthn new…. Shubham & Shafkat I remember wen we use to tease sudha mam n halwayi..,wen we use to hv lunch on bk seat while teachers wer teachin, u n shafkat always ddiscussing on physics n chem. Sums,d way u always mimic A.k.singh n halwayi sir…….. Vinay so wat cud I say abt u? u wer kinda nice to me everyone keep telling to not to tk to u but u wer d one who help me out through a lot of situations, wen frm k.m srivastava sir’s class I cm weepin u all wer like goin to beat him coz u all thght he scolded me u all wer like gems to me… thnks for dat n thnks for being my bro ….. Karan ders so much I cud say abt u dude..we wer kinda enemies at first I use to avoid d same way u wer headed but as time paased I came to knw hw nice u r.. u r always correct abt d situations u dnt fall apart in emotions n u always guide to d right way,ya u spontaneous but dats a gd thn u wer d first frn whose bike I had a ride.. n I loved it…. Thnkx wenevr noorine says sumthn stupid u wer der to bk me up,thnks for trusting me n being in my life…. Satish my dearest n dearest bro… I never tied u a rakhi but I guess dats not needed wen its frm d hrt.I cnt forget hw much u hv done for me I really thnk u for dat a lot. I owe u so much.. I remember hw u cm to visit me wen I was all alone n needed a shoulder,hw u hv hlped me in evry step of my life, hw u really mean me as ur sister,I m sry if I evr hurted u I never meant to hrt u bhai,u r d one to whome I cn share evrythn nomatter wat it is n I knw u r der for me thnks for gvn me a secure side… Jay kishan hey I remember hw u use to salute me evry morning.. n hw u interrogated me abt manu  n u wer so caring.. I remember coz of u I won d last volley ball match ihv lost all d hopes but coz of ur encouraging words I won d match thnks for dat… Dheeraj u r so so sweet n innocent hey m sry sumtimes m so irritating n I annoy u a lot but sry for dat wat cud I do? I m not formal wid my best frns n thnks for being so patient n bearing me all this time.. n u never left my side n thnkfull to u …… Kailash u r so dam cool dat sumtimes I wonder u did u evr tk tension? Kitni bhi bari prob ho u always hv a smile on ur face u handle it so easily I bit my nails… seriously u r d only person who is soo right n u speak in a such cool way dat no one deny u n make evry fight a cool n funny communication… u wer der for me wen I dnt hv anyone in dli n u wer d one who consoled me. I thnk u for dat.. u r d first guy who said dat he dnt hv a sis n wanna make me his sis.. I remember d last rakhi wat funny thng we did … whole day was a mess dat day… Vivek in my grad u wer d one who helped me in dat situations dat I cundnt hv shared wid anyone.. u helped me a lot yaar im thnk full to u n in last sem most agar tum n hassan na hote to pata nai hw I hv been survived….. Hassan in my grad n after dat u hv helped me u knw wat m tlkin abt agar tum na hote to pata nai kitni tense hoti main u two r dos persons who wer for me in alld I thnk u for dat.. Saroj studyn wid u all nite in d mess n in d balcony n tv room I cnt forget our fun n small 10 min breaks, makin Maggie, canteen tea 5 times a day, even before exams, u r dd person who taught me to read books n I thnku for dat yaar inever read book before dat coz of u I m here… I remember oiling hairs n playin holi, dat night bday water baths evrythn was fun wid u, u made my grad so much easier.. Shishir u wer d first person who I was really close wid.. u wer d first whome I ever tied a rakhi, I was so fool at dat time n u always told me wenever I was wrong.. guided me to get through school time.. n I always ask u wat shd I do n u always had an answer.. those small fights n chit chats make me realize its nice to say sry n its nice to share ur feelings.. I remember wen In 11 class wen my grand ma expired u wer der for me, u took d pain to tell me hw n wat to study wen I was all alone n my parents wer also not der for me.. I thnk u for dat if u wern,t der den m sure I wudn’t pass…. Specially in adam khor singh’s paper…. Vandana verma I cnt write all abt u here u mean a lot n lot to me u knw, u r d only person in DU icn trust wid my eyes close, n m so happy u r not leaving  ,u always helped me, I love wen u scold me for d sambhar everyday at lunch, wen I skip classes or wen I fight wid anyone, u always guide me , always tell me hw to study, coz of u I m also nw a pic maniac (LOL) u knw my mom say we look like sisters..U r a vry vry nice person always be like dis…… Rashmi we hv been together for a vry less time but we become so close dat I cnt believe … all night studies.. dat cooler n water pouring outside.. tea of mahes.. n rashmi ji aapke liye to main personalyy tea banata hun..LOL dat 1 am tea n half hr laughing sessions.. I thnk u for keepin me awake on my last exam n makin me tea twice dat nite… Himashweta wat cud I say u r a perfect painter, u are vry kind hrted u cnt think bad for even for those who hurt u a lot. u all Rashi , Varsha , chanchal made my first year in dehli an awesome one… I had my best hostel life wid u guys, ihad my best bday wid u guys thnks to u all made my life so easy n happy dat I cnt imagine.. dat late parties n dat nite wen u all were … OMG ….m never gonna forget des days.. d day wen we went narayana n playin games in bikanerwaala n singing in bus…I had my most awesomest day… I thnk u all for dat.. m gonna miss u two…