Sunday, November 20, 2011

an old creation about my high school class

its a poem frm my past wen i was in 12 i wrote for my classmates nw i wanna gift dem back........
hello! I am ESHA
studyn in class 12 
my class is full of students
n my frns are my wealth
dey r vry nice 
i cnt measure der price

a girl who is pretty 
do u knw?her name is kriti           (bechara devrshi....)
she is full of innocence
never talks nonsence

a frn who is fails all d stardum
a smart guy whose name is shubham   (bare miya wid chote miyan)
he had a competitive mind
but also makes u laugh if u dnt mind

bucchi dies for criket
& also knwssome of my secrets 
& a boy whom I like much
I cant say abt his nature
he has such
he is my brother did u see
his sweet name is SKC    (shishir )

there is an aaj tak         (darshika)
who is current reporter
she told us evrythn
even d time of sun's departure

vinay is so idiot
laughs in evry period
never keeps his promises
& have a long list of wishes

a boy wid cute smile
pankaj is vry genious     (MCS)
do mischives evrytime
but in class vry seroius

in my class there are so many crushes    {anubhav-abhilasha,vinay(n many more)-neha,shashank-priyanka,shubham;devarshi-kriti  etc etc}
but no one is filmy as it shows in rushes
sumwhre  is attraction
sumwhre attachment
sum do interaction
where sum settlement

many differences in feelings
sumwhre dashin 
sumwhre sizzling
sum1 thnks its too hard 
sum1 says it can be done purely by heart

anyways let it be
after sumtime the chnge will be drastic
now i cn just say dat

dat was past n nw d nick names of students which wer given to me by others n others by me

me- jumbojet,rajdhani , laraku viman,chashmish
afzal-bhaijaan,laal kila
shubham-chote miyan
shafkat-bare miyan
darshika-aaj tak
jai kishan-jaiky
abhishek-big babool
prashant-disco dancer

in last sry if anyone's hurt
poem is 5 years old n truely was for fun