Sunday, October 5, 2014

Men & Women

what should i write today?
i want to write something
m having these urges to put out want i think or what i am feeling right now but the moment i open this page mind becomes as this page BLANK .........
i was watching euphoria's video of "kabhi ana tu meri gali" and it made me really sad..
both guy and girl like each other but as no one confessed the girl was to be wed to another guy which their parents fixed.
at the day of wedding the guy's family back out of the ceremony coz they want more money, and the lover boy accepts the girl and they live happily ever after.
this made me think
  • how many of us cant have their love coz they are afraid to confess?
  • what if he or she had told the other about their feelings?
  • and how was the guy which parents selected ? i mean she was lucky he backed at wedding and not afterwards
  • how can parents choose and decide whats best for her?and indeed if they can then how come this happened at the wedding?the guy just walked out ? never even once asked about the issues or reason of why he was asked to do so?
  • and it was just pure luck that the boy was present there at that moment and the girls family was saved a load of humiliation and the guy had the guts to offer himself
  • how many females cant have that opportunity as their friends are seldom in the  wedding itself.
  • and it was the father who accepted that guy finally as if it was typical father - he would rather stop the wedding than watch his daughter marry a man he didn't choose
why no one discuss these things?
the  past(ancient) was much much better the girls  had the freedom of choosing their husbands, the man cannot refuse a women who propose him.
today we call ourselves modern but what are we really?
on one hand we reached on another planet and on the other if a girl has too many guy friends she doesn't have a character?
on one hand a girl should be self dependent  on the other if she stand up for herself people lecture about how a girl should be polite, humble and submissive?
why  a man and a women working on a same profile are judged differently?
if a man is strict he is perfect for the job, he is professional and perfect, and if the same with girl- she is bossy, hitler, egoistic, bad mouthed, mannerless, and belongs to a bad family?
how could u even go to her family and not his?
PLEASE go look in mirror............
These type of people make me sick...