Friday, January 9, 2015

Micro Moments: 6

Days are going by okay actually more than okay nowadays. . the other small gesture which made me very glad and I like to share it... Yesterday I went out for dinner to this place and ordered stuffed parathe and the waiter asked what I want with it I asked for cold drink he said that's not available. . That made me sad and I said it's okay bhaiya mujhe to wahi chahiye tha. . ( its okay I only wanted that and nothing else will do). So my order was served and I started eating just then the waiter returns with a bowl of dal (pulse), and kept it on my table. I was shocked I said u haven't ordered this, to my surprise he replied " madam ji aapne kuch mangaya nai na sath me isliye sir ne bhijwaya hai aapke liye"( ma'am u haven't ordered anything else with it hence the owner had sent this for you and its in the house). I was made me glad and I thanked the owner for his such act of goodness.